1. ArtLacuna



    Participating artists:
    Klāvs Kurpnieks (LV), Anna Salmane (LV), Krišs Salmanis (LV), Monika Srodon (PL),
    Muriel Baumgartner (CH), Davide Fensi (IT), P Mulligan (UK), Chris Ratcliffe (UK), Holly Stevenson (UK),
    Emma Wood (UK)
    Essay The Anti-Imperialists: Pauls Raudseps, columnist, weekly magazine 'Ir' (LV)
    Curators: P Mulligan, Anna Salmane
    15 - 18 December, 2016
    ArtLacuna, 48 Falcon Road, London SW11 2LR

    The impetus for this exhibition can be traced back to 2014, when the war in Ukraine started unfolding. Borrowing
    the title from the civic resistance manual distributed by The Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence in early 2015,
    we propose this as a resistance to the growing post-truth environment which destabilizes truth or veracity, as
    a way to undermine witness and crush discussion. This exhibition is explicitly political, partial, unequivocal,
    a space of resistance, and moderation.

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