1. Installation viewAll photos by Ansis Starks

    Installation view
    All photos by Ansis Starks

    PLAGUE, 2019

    For centuries, in the German town of Hamelin official documents were dated from June 26th, 1284 - the day
    when 130 children disappeared. Over the centuries, the story transformed into the fairytale of “Pied Piper”,
    a rat catcher that rid Hamelin of rats, but after receiving no payment, he lured the children into a cave at the
    bottom of a hill called Calvary, just beyond the eastern outskirts of the town. In the German language realm
    this tale was popularized by Brothers Grimm while in the English language realm by a poem by Robert
    Browning. But what happened to the children? Did they die during a plague epidemic speared by the rats that
    had just established themselves in Europe? Or could it be that they were possessed by the Medieval phenomenon
    of dancing plague that made people dance for hours, days and even weeks for no apparent reason? Like the
    children of Erfurt who jumped and danced all the way to Amstadt in 1237. Or was the fairytale's Pied Piper
    in fact count Nicholas von Spielenberg who after recruiting German youths for colonizing the Baltic region
    died in a shipwreck while crossing the sea?

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