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  1. In 2014, I was invited to participate as an art critic in IV Artishok Biennale. The Biennale had an exhibition format
    combining ten artists creating new pieces for the Biennale and ten critics writing about each of the artworks on
    display. At the time I was living in the UK and decided that rather than reviewing the works myself bringing in the
    perspective of British art professionals might be both interesting and beneficial. The dots dividing the English and
    Latvian texts are ciphers of my interpretation of the artworks and critiques.

    The idea was devised together with artist P Mulligan.

    Thank you:
    Simon Bedwell, artist and lecturer at Goldsmiths College, London (wrote about Arturs Bērziņš 's work);
    Hannah Havana, artist and designer  (wrote about Margus Tamm's work);
    Holly James, artist and curator at Surface Gallery, Nottingham (wrote about Laura Kuusk's work);
    Paul Carey-Kent, art writer and curator (wrote about Jana Briķe's work);
    Scott Mason, artist  (wrote about Kristi Kongi's work);
    P Mulligan, artist, (wrote about Kristīne Alksne's work);
    James Payne, director at PayneShurvell Gallery (wrote about Krišs Salmanis' work);
    Chris Ratcliffe, artist and lecturer at UCA, Epsom (wrote about Ivars Grāvlejs' work);
    Paul Carter Robinson, editor of Artlyst  (wrote about Jass Kaselaan's work);
    Holly Stevenson, artist  (wrote about Martiini's work)
    Bea Denton, artist and lecturer at Central Saint Martins, London  (wrote about Reinis Hofmanis' work from the
    gallery collection).