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  1. GIFT TO POET, 2018
    Scarf A belated gift to Latvian poet Vizma Belševica (1931 – 2005).

    The work was inspired by Belševica's poem "Motifs of Latvian History: Old Town" (1967). In the poem Belševica
    writes that Riga is silent as opposed to its oppressors who are raging and ramping like a storm. The transitional
    needs to shout and justify itself while the eternal can be silent. The word 'silent' is repeated 9 times in the poem
    and due to its powerful meaning I included it in the design of the scarf.
    The Soviet power banned Belševica from publishing her work from 1971 to 1974.

    The poem in Latvian, German, Russian and Swedish is available here.

    Commissioned by and in the collection of Museum of Writing and Music, Latvia.